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Non surgical liposuction: Why do it?

You are a fitness buff but you still have stubborn fat all over your body. You recently gave birth and you wanted to bring back your pre-pregnancy body safely without going under the knife. You are physically healthy and proportioned but you still have some problem areas where unwanted fat resides. What do you do? Good thing there is non surgical liposuction procedures available for you.


Non surgical liposuction: What is it?

Non surgical liposuction is an effective a tried-and-tested cosmetic surgery trend as an alternative to surgical liposuction. Here, you can effectively eliminate fat through different liposuction techniques without incisions and even anesthesia! There are so many non surgical liposuction options readily available in the market, and we have listed down some of the most common procedures for you.

Kinds of Non surgical liposuction

Fat freezing

Also called cryolipolysis, this kind of non surgical liposuction kills the fat cells by administering a specialised cooling technology. A vacuum-like device then suctions up the fat and eliminates it from the specific body part. You may feel a surge of cold pressure during the beginning of the procedure, but it slowly subsides because the cooling effect numbs the area. During the procedure, the suctioning part of the cryolipolysis will cause a tingling or pinching feeling and you may develop bruising or redness afterward. But all these will disappear completely and what would be left is a sexier and reshaped body free of visible cellulite without the pain of surgery.

Laser liposuction

This kind of non surgical liposuction introduces heat energy into a specific body part using laser technology which melts and eliminates the fat. This fat-burning procedure also found to stimulate the production of a substance in the skin called collagen that makes the skin look more youthful and firm after the procedure. Since the procedure is non-invasive, the recovery period is also faster than surgical liposuction, allowing you to return to your normal daily activities immediately after the procedure. Like most non surgical liposuction options, laser liposuction may also cause bruising, redness, and slight tenderness in the treated body part, but all these will subside and can be addressed by over-the-counter pain medication.


Mesotherapy can be considered one of the first non surgical liposuction procedures introduced to the public. Unlike fat freezing and laser liposuction that uses vacuum-like devices to suction unwanted fat, mesotherapy uses vitamin-rich injections to remove unwanted and stubborn fat from a body area. Each injection contains a specific dose of vitamins, enzymes, and other effective and safe medication that are concocted to melt and eliminate body fat while also rejuvenating the skin. A series of injections may be done to each body part and a number of sessions may be needed to fully appreciate the difference mesotherapy does to your body. Because the fat-burning solution is injected onto the skin, some patients may require topical of local anesthesia during the procedure, and some may complain of feeling nauseated, swollen, or may develop rashes afterward. These complaints or side effects are still considered normal but should be discussed in full length by your liposuction surgeon during the initial consultation.


Undergoing non surgical liposuction these days have become popular as we are becoming more and more body- and health-conscious, but we shouldn’t rely on these procedures alone. Let us always remember that surgical or nonsurgical ways of perfecting your body physique should always be in partnership with a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet. But if you think you’ve done your best in eliminating fat but still failed to remove some more, talk to your doctor to know which non surgical liposuction procedure suits you and your needs best.

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