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Getting an hourglass figure can be very difficult for most women, so they tend to resort to plastic surgery procedures like abdominoplasty and liposuction. Here, let us find out what one can expect during his or her liposuction recovery time, the restrictions and limitations she should expect, and other tips to improve her healing after this fat removal surgery.


Liposuction recovery time: Immediately after the surgery

After the liposuction surgery procedure just before being transferred to the recovery room, you will be placed in a compression garment that was customised and prescribed for you prior to the procedure. This will prevent further swelling around the treated area and would also act as additional support for your surgical site.  Patients who underwent liposuction are typically discharged from the recovery room an hour after the procedure until most of the anaesthesia effects wear off. Some patients are allowed to return home hours after the surgery, but if further monitoring is needed or a more extensive liposuction surgery has been performed, the patient may be recommended to stay overnight until all is well and stable.


Liposuction recovery time: Things to prepare at homeliposuction-recovery-time-perth

Before your liposuction surgery, make sure that you have secured your post-operative essentials so your recovery would be a smooth-sailing and comfortable experience.

Make sure to ask assistance from an all-around help in the presence of your loved one, relative, or neighbour to help you with your daily activities for the first few days.

Prepare your post-op supplies including pain and nausea or dizziness medications, extra pillows, loose hypoallergenic clothes, and other things that you think would make your sleep and movement a bit more comfortable.


Liposuction recovery time: What can you expect about your body’s reaction to the surgery?

During the first 24 hours, there will be a fluid discharge from the small incisions used to accommodate the cannula during the liposuction surgery. Let the compression dressing and the bandages absorb these discharges and follow the wound instructions given by your plastic surgeon so that infection may be avoided.

There will be soreness, bruising, tenderness, and swelling along the treated areas for a few days. Prescribed medications can alleviate these symptoms and make your recovery more comfortable.

Complete bed rest will be recommended for the first few days, with progressive movements from side to side every other hour to normalise your blood circulation and prevent pneumonia and blood clot formation.

Taking showers and bathing may still be prohibited while the wounds are still fresh, but it can be allowed by the 3rd or 4th day post-op. Keep your compression dressings intact at all times until your surgeon will enable you to remove them only when showering.

Activities are gradually allowed and will depend on the capacity of the patient to perform her daily tasks and work activities. Walking and stretching may be the first forms of exercise that may be allowed with strict supervision so as not to present any unwanted complications post-surgery.

Your plastic surgeon requires you to report for follow-up check-ups to monitor your surgical wounds and the overall effects of the surgery itself. He will also observe your body’s reaction to the operation and may request postsurgical exams just to make sure that you are in the pink of health.


Liposuction recovery time: Your return to work

The patient may return to work at least two weeks after the surgery. By this time, most patients can move and function normally again, though restrictions on strenuous activities are highly imposed. By the third or fourth week, regular activities and exercising can already resume, depending on the tolerance of the patient. It can be expected that it would take several months for the swelling to resolve and the results of the liposuction to be revealed completely.

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