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We are in a world where physical appearance is just as important as your intellect and attitude to be considered appealing. Both men and women now turn to different plastic surgery procedures that help them achieve their ideal bodies. Here, let us find out how liposuction for men became one of the most requested male cosmetic surgical procedures not only in Australia but the whole world.


Liposuction for men: What is it?

We all know that liposuction is the surgical procedure that removes excess fats in the body. This procedure is used to target localised areas of excess fat that have not responded to diet and exercise. The most common areas where liposuction for men is used include the male breasts, abdomen, and flanks or love handles.


Liposuction for men: Why do it?

Liposuction works in reshaping the body by removing fat that lies between the skin and muscles. The goal of liposuction per se is not to remove all the body fat, but to remove the excess, and what remains can be used to sculpt a better, shapelier physique. Some fat just doesn’t react to rigorous stimulation like exercise, even for men. So having liposuction is the best and most effective way for men to shed off those stubborn fats that they just can’t get rid of.


Liposuction for men: Is it as effective?

Actually, if the basis of effectiveness relies on the contour the body gets after liposuction, then liposuction for men is much more effective than women’s. You see, men’s skin elasticity is better than women’s, so when excess fat gets removed through liposuction, men’s skin returns to its normal state, whereas women’s skin becomes saggy and loose, opting for another surgical procedure to further improve the body’s contour.



Liposuction for men: How much is it?

In Australia, liposuction can typically cost between $3000 to almost $7000 per body part, and the price varies depending on the area and the amount of body fat to be removed. Liposuction for men can generally cost more than liposuction for women because men’s body fat is more fibrous and dense, making it more difficult to remove. It also is more expensive because men are usually larger in built than women, so a man’s thigh, for example, is definitely larger in area than a woman’s, and more fat can be removed.



Liposuction in men: Partner procedures

Aside from getting liposuction, plastic surgeons also recommend some plastic surgery treatment for men to further enhance their body contour. Procedures like tummy tuck and breast reduction are some of the cosmetic surgery procedures typically combined with liposuction so that a man’s abdomen or breasts can look firmer, more muscular, and tighter after liposuction.

There are also new surgical procedures being offered internationally that use implants to further shape and enhance men’s bodies. Calf or pectoral implants, once used to reconstructively shape bodies of patients who had an accident or illness that damaged their legs and chest, can now be used to aesthetically improve a healthy man’s silhouette. These procedures may be relatively new in the plastic surgery area, so it is still best to consult your trusted surgeon and discuss all your concerns and preferences.

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