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We all know that liposuction is a cosmetic fat reducing procedure that requires surgery. So, the first time we heard about the laser fat removal procedure, we considered it as a hoax. We placed it in the same category as that of diet pills, fat-burning creams, and other fat-reducing products that are sometimes effective but the results do not last long. Let us find out if laser fat removal is as effective as others would claim and if it works the same way as its surgical counterpart.


Laser fat removal: The procedure

Liposuction, in general, is a surgical cosmetic procedure that creates small incisions to the targeted body part where a suction cannula gets inserted to vacuum the excess fat. It requires local or general anaesthesia depending on the amount of fat to be removed and the number of body areas to be targeted.

In laser liposuction, the whole procedure is simplified and can be performed in a clinic or a doctor’s office using local anaesthesia. The anaesthesia is used to numb the area and not to sedate you, so you are awake during the whole procedure. Your plastic surgeon creates small incisions that can accommodate the size of a laser tube that he inserts to liquefy the targeted excess fat. A cannula will then be inserted to suction all the liquefied fat from the body.


Laser fat removal: Benefits of the procedure


Lesser downtime. Patients who have undergone laser fat removal procedures claim that they experience minimal downtime because of how less invasive this liposuction alternative is. Your surgeon may recommend a few days off work just to let your body rest since this procedure may still cause several postsurgical symptoms.

Fewer side effects. After the procedure, you can still expect symptoms like swelling, bruising, and tenderness over the targeted body area. But unlike the surgical liposuction where general anaesthesia may be administered, less possibility of anaesthesia reaction can occur.

Collagen production. Studies show that the use of laser light can trigger the body’s production of collagen. This means that after the surgery, you can expect that your skin may also look and feel better, firmer, and tighter because of the increased collagen production in the body.


Laser fat removal: The considerations

The cost. The Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery gave an estimation that the cost of laser fat removal can range from $2500 to $4500 per area. This price quote shows that the larger the area to be treated like the abdomen and thighs, the higher the expenses. Moreover, the number of body areas would definitely affect the procedure cost.

The results. Because this is not as invasive as the surgical liposuction, only a limited amount of fat can be removed. You can anticipate a change in your body contour but not so much as what you can expect from the surgical counterpart. However, this is still similar to the surgery since the results of this procedure would not relatively affect your body weight. So do not push through with the treatment if you are thinking of using laser fat removal procedure to lose weight. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon so that he can guide you on what to expect and what cosmetic procedure can address and suit your needs.

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