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Liposuction: A closer look at trimming unwanted fat

Everyone deserves to have their dream body. Through proper diet and regular exercise, some may achieve and maintain their ideal physique. But for some, stubborn fat cannot easily be eliminated. This allows cosmetic surgery like liposuction to gain its popularity as a reason to shave off those unwanted fats. Allow Liposuction Perth show you the easy and hassle-free way to lose all those stubborn fat.

What is Liposuction?


Liposuction, one of the most common invasive cosmetic surgeries, involves the use of suction to rid off of body fat. There are many ways to conduct the surgery, liquefying fat for easy removal.  Designed to reshape your body with the help of Liposculpture, another procedure that distributes your fat evenly– it’s a start for you to achieve a leaner physique.

Why should I get a liposuction?


Liposuction in Perth deals with complicated and annoying fat cases. Though it is not intended for weight-loss, this surgery aims to remove excess fat that couldn’t be burned through exercising. If you’re on your ideal weight but unhappy with your proportions, a liposuction procedure will help you redistribute your fat evenly.

How much will Liposuction cost me?


Liposuction in Perth normally ranges from $3000 to $5000 depending on the body areas to be subjected to the procedure and the instruments to be used as many clinics who offer liposuction use different kinds of technology to remove fat. You can ask for assistance from our Liposuction Perth clinic to know more about our treatment package and payment options.

About Us

Got a flabby tummy and jiggling arms?
Suffering from becoming overweight and finding a great way to avoid heart disease?
Did numerous fat-burning exercises but didn’t work?

We, at Liposuction Perth, address questions like these every day. We’d like to sculpt your figure the way you wanted it. With years of practice, our liposuction surgeons are dedicated to bringing you your dream shape. We promise and strive to give you professional pre-procedural and post-surgery services tailored-fit for your needs.


Common areas where
Liposuction is being performed

Chin and forehead
Buttocks and thighs
Calves and ankles
Chest and Neck

Additional facts on Liposuction

What benefits do liposuction surgeries give?
  1. Slow down fat production

Liposuction does not make you lose weight but it helps slow down your fat production.

In Perth, this procedure consists of removing your fat cells in concentrated areas, dissolving them so they don’t come back.  Keep in mind that in order to maintain the results of your cosmetic surgery, be sure to balance your diet and do regular exercise.

2. Target fat “trouble spots”

Stubborn fat can be anywhere!
Your chin, legs, thighs, buttocks, belly or arms are some of the areas where they accumulate. Liposuction helps in removing unwanted fat in these areas.

3.  Leaner body contouring

Been exercising yet dealing with fat that’s oddly stubborn?

Liposuction helped thousands of patients get their proportionate physique. It usually comes with another procedure called liposculpture- wherein your fat is removed from one part and transferred to another. Your surgeon will guide you in how these procedures are done and how best it can help you.

4. Encourages skin youth

Liposuction Perth also offers Laser liposuction that promotes the natural production of your skin collagen. Collagen is a protein that restores your skin’s vibrancy, making it less prone to aging. As you age, your collagen levels decline and cause skin sagging. This is why you begin to have wrinkles, crow’s feet, and fine lines.

5. Avoids other health risks

Liposuction scrapes off your fat cells. These fat cells, called cholesterol, could usually clog up on arteries causing numerous heart diseases. Overweight and obese patients can avoid these health hazards due to liposuction.

A clinical study conducted showed that patients who have a high level of bad cholesterol in their blood exhibited 43% reduction as a positive response to liposuction.
While there are still ongoing researches to strengthen this study, the remarkable effect of this surgery is very promising.

In addition, liposuction can help improve your posture. Distributing weight from your torso to your body’s lower half can eliminate the chances of getting joint pains.

What to expect on your first visit
1. Assessment of your medical history

To best determine if you’re a candidate fit for liposuction, your doctor from our Perth clinic will ask you questions regarding your medical history. These questions can be about your family’s health history, your medications, your own medical history, and the past surgeries you’ve had. Also, your doctor will be asking about the supplements, vitamins, drugs, and diet you are taking.

Expect some tests for you to take so your doctor can confirm some observations before agreeing with your operation. Contact Liposuction Perth to know more about these tests and what they are for.

2. Discussion about the ideal liposuction procedure for you

After your Perth doctor’s assessment of your medical background and finding you suitable for surgery, he will be prescribing you the best method to deal with your case.
Your surgeon from the Liposuction Perth clinic will let you choose which method matches your lifestyle or ideals and what best serves your convenience.

Be sure to pay attention to the pros and cons of every procedure and ask questions to clarify.

3. Professional advice

Keep a pen and paper handy if you feel the need to jot down notes. Your surgeon will be setting your expectations regarding the surgery. Also, pictures will be taken to compare the results once your surgery has been completed.

You will both arrange the time and date of your surgery.
In some cases, surgeons will advise you to avoid a certain medication or diet in order to prepare yourself.

Know more about what to expect during your initial consultation by calling Liposuction Perth.

What to expect on the day of surgery
Just like how you see it on TV, your surgeon will be drawing marks on your skin to know the areas to work on.
Depending on your liposuction procedure, a licensed anesthesiologist will administer anesthesia. If you need general anesthesia, it is normal for you to be unconscious during the operation.
Sedatives given through an IV injection will help you feel calm and collected during the entire process.

Doctors and medical staff will check your vital signs from time to time.
If in case you feel pain during the surgery, it is best to inform your doctor right away.

What to expect Post-surgery
Your surgeon might advise you to stay in the hospital overnight for them to monitor how your body reacts to the surgery. Some patients experience dehydration or pain, so it is important to be wary of your condition.

Expect pain, swelling, and a few bruises after your surgery as they are normal. But, you must watch out for bleeding and consistent pain. You may find odd areas where fat is concentrated, but they will be proportionate as they settle in.

What to expect during recovery phase
Your surgeon will prescribe you medications to alleviate inflammation and pain, and to avoid infection. You’ll also need to get a leave from work or stop exercising for a few days or weeks to give room for your healing.
Take notes for the series of dos and don’ts!

Lastly, your doctor will require you to wear compression garments to control swelling for a number of weeks. Follow-up clinic visits are scheduled to keep an eye on your recovery process.

Need professional advice?

If you’ve been wanting to wear the jeans you’ve always dreamt of, or just concerned about your health— trimming unwanted fat is just an appointment away!

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